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6 Month Subscription

6 Month Subscription Xbox Live

  1. 6 Month Subscription

    By Microsoft




    Xbox Live


    Final Price

6 Month Subscription

Important Information:

You will need to redeem the code in your user account from a computer through the web of xbox:


If you currently have a subscription that has not yet expired, you will not lose it if you add time to it, instead it will add time to what you already have. Example: 20 days left + 6 month card = 6 months and 20 days left in your account.


Experience 6 months of pure gold!

Combined with your Xbox One or Xbox 360, Xbox Live Gold is your ticket to seemingly endless entertainment possibilities, from unrivaled multiplayer gaming that teams you up with your buddies against adversaries from around the world in blockbuster franchises, such as Halo, Forza Motorsport, Kinect Sports and more to accessing jaw-dropping high-definition movies, TV shows, live events, music and sports.

Key Features:

  • Access the One Guide to discover TV shows and movies that are suggested based on your tastes, take a look at what's trending and watch your favorites.


  • Dive into a mind-blowing world of blockbuster games, unrivaled multiplayer gaming, premier entertainment apps, high-definition movies, TV shows, live events, music, sports and more.


  • Share your most impressive gaming moments by capturing them with Game DVR and easily creating high-quality videos.


  • Take advantage of member deals and exclusives.


  • Spread the amazing Gold wealth with the entire household, as each member can access unlimited multiplayer.


  • Get in touch with distant friends and family members in jaw-dropping 1080p high-definition Skype sessions on your TV.


The code will be emailed after payment.
Activation Instructions
  • Xbox One
    • 1

      Go to 'Games', and then select 'Use a code'. Or, say 'Xbox, use code'.

    • 2

      If prompted, sign in.

    • 3

      Select 'Or enter the 25-character code', and then enter your code.

  • Xbox 360
    • 1

      Sign in to Xbox Live using the account for which you want to use the prepaid code.

    • 2

      Press the 'Guide' button on the controller.

    • 3

      Go to 'Games & Apps' and select 'Redeem Code'.

    • 4

      Enter the 25-character prepaid code and select 'Done'.

    • 5

      When prompted, click 'Yes' to confirm the redemption.

  • Website
    • 1

      On a computer, go here and click 'Sign In'.

    • 2

      Sign in with your Microsoft account.

    • 3

      Click 'Redeem'.

    • 4

      Enter the 25-character prepaid code and click 'Confirm'.

Product Information

Title: 6 Month Subscription

Category: Xbox

Platform: Xbox Live

Type: Subscription

Region: Worldwide

Languages: Not applicable

Publisher: Microsoft

Developer: Microsoft

Release: November 14, 2002


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