Iron Wings Standard Edition (Germany)

Iron Wings Standard Edition (Germany)

PlayStation 4
Iron Wings Standard Edition (Germany)

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Take on the role of Air Force pilots Jack and Amelia during the Second World War. Under the command of Colonel Ruse, hunt for General Adler, leader of the Nazi organisation “Ahnenerbe”.

Fire on hostile targets in fierce dogfights! And the best part: You control both pilots and their aircraft in the air. You can switch between them at any time and issue orders to your partner.

The aircraft are equipped with destructive weapons and essential extras, e.g. radar jammers, magnetrons, search lights, or cameras, which impact the success of your military operations. Make sure to avoid detection at the same time!

• Countless missions with fast-paced action demand clever strategies
• Gripping air and ground operations in 1940s New York, the Black Canyon (USA) and the historical battlefields of Europe (Italy, Poland, Germany)
• Operation Husky (Allied invasion of Sicily) is based on real events

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PlatformPlayStation 4
PublisherMarkt+Technik Verlag GmbH
GenreSimulation, Action
LanguagesEnglish, French (France), German, Italian, Russian, Spanish
Release date30/9/2023
Activation Instructions

1 Go to PlayStation Store, scroll to the bottom of the sidebar 'Redeem Codes'.

2 Enter the code correctly, select 'Redeem'.

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