5 EUR Prepaid Card (Europe)

5 EUR Prepaid Card (Europe)

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5 EUR Prepaid Card (Europe)

Important Information

We would like to inform you that this product is only valid for accounts from Europe.
To avoid fraud, NEVER share your purchase with unknown persons who may be offering you something in exchange for this product.


With the CASHlib prepaid card you get credit to pay in a totally secure way on many websites. From online games to cryptocurrencies, through e-commerce and entertainment services. No personal data or possible excesses, since there is no associated bank account and you can not spend more money than preloaded.

The code will be emailed after payment.
TypePrepaid Card
Activation Instructions

1  Go to the website where you want to pay and select CASHlib as a payment method during the purchase process.

2  Enter the unique 16-digit code that we have sent you.

3  Confirm the process, and voila! Payment made.

4  If you have not used all the available credit, the remaining balance will be saved in your CASHlib ticket for future payments. Check how much available balance is left on: https://www.cashlib.com/#myvoucher

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