5 EUR Prepaid Card (Europe)

5 EUR Prepaid Card (Europe)

Payment Cards
5 EUR Prepaid Card (Europe)

Important Information

We would like to inform you that this product is only valid for accounts from Europe.
To avoid fraud, NEVER share your purchase with unknown persons who may be offering you something in exchange for this product.


Jeton is a simple and secure online payment system that offers its own digital wallet, Jeton Wallet. Available as a mobile app, its ease of use and 24/7 customer service have earned thousands of users loyalty. JetonCash is one of its payment products, a digital coupon that can be used to recharge a Jeton Wallet or to pay directly at hundreds of online sites around the world. When you use JetonCash, you don't have to share your personal bank details anywhere. That makes it the perfect way to protect your privacy online.

The code will be emailed after payment.
TypePrepaid Card
Activation Instructions

1 Start the payment process on the website where you want to buy.

2 Select Jeton as the payment method.

3 Enter your JetonCash coupon code and credit amount.

4 Confirm the payment... And that's it!

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